Articles explaining RFID and StaRFIshrail technology

What is RFID?

An introduction to RFID, and how it can be used to detect model trains.


A brief history of RFID with respect to model trains, and the problems other have encountered with RFID implementation.

StaRFIshrail Difference

An explanation of the differences between StaRFIshrail and other systems, including design goals.

StaRFIshrail System

An overview of the components required for a StaRFIshrail system, and how it is integrated with existing model railway systems.


A detailed explanation of the Hub, how it works, how it interfaces, and what is on the board.

Readers and Aerials

A look at the various readers available, and the advantages of using flat aerials.


A look at available tags, and how they are best used.


An overview of interfacing, both between the hub and readers, and the hub and other systems, including option and address switches.


A detailed description of the Ethernet port, and how it can be configured.


A detailed description of the CBUS port, and how it can be configured, especially with regard to MERG compatible modules.


A description of how to set up the USB port, and how it can be used.


How to update the Hub if required, for new features and interfaces.

Arduino Etc

Want to interface a few readers to Arduino, or other system - see here.


Additional use for RFID systems - you may have ideas, in which case contact us.

Other RFID Systems

StaRFIshrail is not the only RFID system available - here are some links to other systems.