TAG1 StaRFIshrail Tag - Single tag

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These tags 6.1mm by 9mm, and should be can be used for all gauges of rolling stock.  They can be mounted either across the direction of travel, or in line with it. They will give a read distance of 30mm if kept 3mm away from metal behind the tag - for N-gauge this may not be possible, and the read distance may be reduced, but you should check on installation - for instance, the Graham Farish N-gauge loco with a tag stuck on the bottom between the wheels gives a read distance of 22mm, but because of the scale, this will still read properly with an aerial under a standard baseboard.
If ordering more than 10 tags, use the Quantity 10 product line - it will save you clicking the "+" button too many times in the basket!
You can mix and match Single, 10 and 100 tag quantities to get the total number you want.

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