Using RFID

How to use the data produced by your installation


To get the RFID data into a JMRI system, you must first connect the JMRI computer to the hub.  This is done using the MERG CBUS console.  Once connected, you will see messages in the console window.
When a RFID tag enters the RFID field on a particular reader, there will be two messages - a DDES five byte message indicating which tag is over the reader, and a ACON message indicating that any tag is over the reader.  When a tag leaves the RFID field, there is a ACOF message.
In future, a different way of sending data to JMRI might be possible, but this depends on Beta testing, and whether JMRI either need to add some code specifically for StaRFIshrail, or StaRFIshrail emulates another protocol.


The data on CBUS consists of ACON, DDES and ACOF messages.  When a tag enters a RFID point, ACON and DDES will be sent, with the Device Number indicating the RFID point, and ACOF will be sent when the tag exits the RFID point.  Note that in SLiM mode, the Device Numbers are fixed in groups of 32, between 16001 and 16513 - you can select the set of 32 with the ADD switch.  ACON and ACOF are "long" events - an option will become available for the "short" events ASON and ASOF.

More to Come

As we Beta test the system, more information will become available on how to interface and use with other systems, such as Rocrail.