StaRFIshrail Store

Information before proceeding to Store

General Information

Please be very careful when you are ordering readers - there are different aerial lengths, and different aerial sizes, so be sure to order what you want.  Aerials are included with the readers, so you do not need to order these separately. Once you have selected an item, you can change the number you require when it is in the basket.
Prices shown are in British Pounds, and include VAT.
MERG members can apply for a 10% personalised discount code - please apply for this by email to, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.  You need to include your MERG membership number, and your username.  You will then receive a discount code within 24 hours, sent via the MERG site, which you can use at checkout.

International Customers

StaRFIshrail is a new venture, designed and run by a hobbyist for other hobbyists, based in the UK.
All prices in the store are in British Pounds,and PayPal will convert this to your currency when charging your card.
British VAT (sales tax of 20%) will not be charged at the checkout, so the prices you will pay will be 16.6% smaller.  Thus an item with a headline price of £60 will only cost an International customer £50 - but you may be charged sales tax and customs clearance charges when your goods enter your country, and these are your responsibility. However, model railway equipment does not have duty attached to it.
For EU countries, VAT will be charged on the value of the goods, and an additional clearance charge may be added by your delivery service.
The boards, aerials and tags are quite light, but power supplies and cables are heavier - you must decide whether you want to order power supplies and cables from the StaRFIshrail store and have additional carriage charges, or get these items locally. However, if you are ordering a complete system, it is recommended that you get the power supply from StaRFIshrail. Note that main cost is actually in shipping the parcel - adding the 200g or so for a power supply adds only £2-£4 for shipping.
At present, delivery by courier is not available - all items will be sent in the regular parcel mail. This is because couriers charge very high prices for single shipments, and the insurance cost is also excessive.  Because of the way the website builder works, each country has to be added separately for shipping.
At present, the countries available for shipping are:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.
If your country is not on this list, please email me prior to using the StaRFIshrail store, and I will add your country. Usually allow 24 hours for this, but I will email you when I have added the country.