International Customers (not UK)

StaRFIshrail is a new venture, designed and run by a hobbyist for other hobbyists.
If you are a potential international customer, please contact me by email, giving me an idea of how much interest you think there will be in your modelling community, and which country you come from.
If there is sufficient interest, then I will look at making arrangements so it is easy to ship product.
For customers in the Eurozone, this might involve having a Euro based shop, and shipping to you either from an EU country, or for a larger market, shipping from the UK with local taxes paid.
Also, if there is sufficient interest, the website could be expanded to include other languages, in which case I will be looking for people who could do translation.
In the meantime, I will ship anywhere in the world, but local taxes and import duties will be the buyers responsibility, and billing to your card will be in British Pounds.
Either use the form below, or use your own email program to contact me at