RFID system for model railways (model railroads) and cars

RFID for Model Railways (Model Railroads) and Cars

StaRFIshrail is a complete system for adding multiple RFID points for sensing model railways and cars. Rather than using adapted components, it has been designed from the ground up, in order to get over the shortcomings of using standard items such as the RC522 or IDLA12/20. It will interface to JMRI, Rocrail and CBUS systems at present,  as well as MQTT, but other interfaces will become available later. It is suitable all gauges, Z, N, HO /OO and O. Updates are freely available via USB, downloaded from the website. Please explore the website to find out why StaRFIshrail is different from other systems. StaRFIshrail has been designed to be easily installed, and work straight out of the box with no fiddling around.

Please read most of this website before ordering or installing a system. Although a lot of the information in the Technology pages can be skipped, or may be a bit too technical, the Installation pages contain essential information, and not reading these or following the advice could result in the system not working, frustration and head-scratching!. There is quite a lot of information for what is basically a fairly simple system, but please do not be put off, take the time to read it all, and then the system should work first time.

Due to ill health, the StaRFIshrail store is temporarily closed.

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